Today, 10th Feb, my wife & I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We took our first “proper” holiday last weekend, to Dubai for 4 days. Our family all took turns watching the kids for us in SL, so we could really have a good rest and getaway. It was one of the first times I went without my laptop. I took my ipad, but I would’ve used it only once or twice during the entire trip! As a consultant, time is money for me.. and on reflection over the last 10 years, I’ve realised that I’ve spent most of my time earning money and all the meanwhile, my wife and kids have supported me – but I’ve hardly invested time in love, for them. God’s grace has sustained us through all the seasons however, and through many challenges. But I still feel strongly today that priorities need to change. The choice is mine, based on how God leads me as the leader in my household. I was reading a card the kids had written for our anniversary, and realised how quickly they grow up, and each day they are influenced by their environment in how their think, their beliefs and value systems, and ultimately, their decisions in life. We cannot rely on anyone else to do this for our kids, or our marriages, but it’s upto us as fathers, to take our God given responsibilities and invest the time, love & care required to make sure our children our prepared for life, God’s way. That our marriages are protected, nurtured and built on a foundation of selfless love, just as God intended, and that ultimately, our homes be shining lights for God in our communities. I feel we have, too often, left all this up to our churches, pastors, schools, teachers and other people to do, when the responsibility is ultimately ours – as the authority and all we need has been given to us by God.

Today, I chose to change the priorities in my life, so that my home, my marriage, and my children are influenced to know, love & obey God, because of the investment of time, love, and leadership that I deposit in them, as led by God!

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