[BLOG] Worship in the key of ME..

Last night while driving home after dinner, we were listening to some music by a popular “worship band”. S said to me “their songs are good, but they don’t sing much about God”. It was close to 12.30am, and I said a quiet “mm yeah” – I wasn’t about to get into a discussion on worship or any form of scriptural significance at that point in the night…
A couple of k’s down the road however, I had a revelation on what we term should be “proper” worship music. A lot of emphasis is placed on (King) David’s influence on praise & worship in the Church today. Be it through the psalms, or other scriptures that influence our songs. But at some point, these were too an outpouring of a man’s heart to His Father & Creator, and it’s no different to how our worship is supposed to be today. I realised that worship is a unique & gifted expression of vocalising & exemplifying our love & adoration for our Father. For some of us, it’s through music – but religion (or tradition) has limited it to this predominantly. In recent weeks, I have seen many, many other expressions of worship, and the outcome of that worship in prophecy as well – through words of knowledge, through poetry, through art (painting), through the expression of love, and random acts of kindness., hey, even pouring out your most expensive perfume to anoint the feet of Jesus…. the list goes on, and is only limited by our ability to stop reasoning, and to start reasoning through the renewed mind, the mind of the Spirit.
So coming back to last night’s discussion in the car, I believe, through our actions, and our lives, we are the living works of God, bringing His Word & will to this life on earth, and His Kingdom. We need to break out of this structure of 3 fast, 3 slow, and all songs about Jesus, 1 song about the blood and we’re done. No, the Kingdom of Heaven, revealed on this earth, goes well beyond our Sunday setlists – it invades us to a point where we are stirred to create, and express our worship through whatever medium we are gifted in, so that we may know & see God & ALL that HE is & has said will be, exploding in our lives!

This is not theology, nor conclusive by any means, but it’s changing my own faith & relationship with God, – I guess you’d call it freedom – sometimes we let religion and tradition shape us too, however “right” it seems, if it only lets us experience “some” of God, or “a little bit”, we have shackled ourselves to never experience the full salvation that cost Christ His life – and that’s no way to LIVE!

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